Speak on Friday Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusDirector-General of the World Health Organization. At the press conference, the politician pointed to a noticeably troubling trend in statistics. The number of new infections with the Coronavirus Almost doubled all over the world In the past two months– Ladder.

The head of the World Health Organization indicated that the number of patients “is approaching the highest rate seen in the epidemic so far,” and reports indicate increases in countries where the epidemic situation has been good so far, such as Papua New Guinea.

By the beginning of this year, fewer than 900 cases (coronavirus infections) and 9 deaths were reported in Papua New Guinea. Tedros stressed that the country now has 9,300 injuries and 83 deaths, half of which were reported in March alone, noting that while the numbers are lower than other countries, “the increase is steep.”

The WHO chief noted that “equal availability of vaccines” is important to being able to respond to such situations. Papua New Guinea is currently dependent on Australia and COVAX shipments.

COVAX Initiative It is an agreement that provides for the supply of vaccines to all countries of the world. According to the AP Agency, about 40 million doses have already been sent to more than 100 countries as part of the program.

According to WHO data, more than 138 million people have fallen ill worldwide since the start of the epidemic. The number of registered deaths is less than 3 million people.

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