“Hyacynt” is another Polish movie on Netflix. This time it will be a thriller about the mysterious disappearance of two young men and the fate of a policeman involved in the case. When will Hyacinth hit Netflix and what can we expect? We reveal below.

Netflix announces another Polish movie. This time it will be a thriller called “Whistling”.. Film directed by Piotr Domalewski “Silent Night” will tell about the mysterious murders and the fate of the policeman conducting the investigation. Who will we see and when is the premiere date set?

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“Whistling” – a new Polish movie on Netflix [OBSADA, FABUŁA]

Hyacinth It is another Polish production for Netflix. The work “Sfeir” takes place in the eighties. Robert (played by Tomas Zeitek), a young cop finds a gay serial killer. In the process of solving the case, he meets with Eric (in this role Hubert Mikowski). I decided to use the man as an informant. However, he does not realize how much this relationship has affected his life.

The script writer is Marcin Siesto. The film will include: Adriana Shalbika (“Love Box”, “Peggy Blues”), Peter of Troy (“25 Years of Innocence. The Tomek Komenda Case,” “Procedural”), Hubert Mikowski (“Deep in the woods”), Thomas Schuchart (“Courier”, “Bodo”), Marek Caleta (“Face”, “UV” and Agnieszka Suchora (“Zink”, “Silent Night”). The film is produced by the Polish company Shipsboy.

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“Beep” – When will a new Polish movie premiere on Netflix?

Netflix announces the premiere of ‘Hyacinth’ In the fall of 2021. The exact release date is not known yet.

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