Where will the UEFA Champions League Final take place in the 2020/2021 season? – This question was asked by many fans. Due to the inclusion of Turkey on the list of “red” countries by Great Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appealed to UEFA authorities to change the LM final location from Istanbul to London. And the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced that UEFA would take a decision in this regard next Wednesday.

  • The BBC reported that UEFA will decide whether to move the Champions League final from Istanbul to London on Wednesday
  • The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, has called for the Champions League final to be postponed
  • Turkey is on the “red list” of countries in Britain due to the constantly increasing number of Coronavirus cases there

Wednesday European Football Association (UEFA) It is to decide on a potential transfer Champions League final From Istanbul to London, the BBC reported. Two English teams will meet in the Cup match – City of Manchester I Chelsea.

Epidemic situation Covid-19 In Turkey, the UK has placed this country on a “red list”, which makes travel more difficult and requires a 10-day quarantine. The British government has already called on fans not to travel to Istanbul to participate in the final on May 29.

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Where will the final LM be held? It is known when UEFA will make the decision

Last week, the prime minister asked UEFA to postpone the match Boris Johnson. On Monday, the football headquarters are holding talks with representatives of the British authorities in this regard.

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Also, travel from Switzerland, where UEFA is based, requires a 10-day quarantine in England, but the Associated Press said UEFA employees are on the exception list and will not have to meet this requirement in the European Championship finals that begin. On June 11th. . London is one of the host cities.