Santa is on his way … (Credits: Getty Images / Tetra Images RF)

Santa Clause On his way and brings Christmas presents with him Gifts Abundance.

Kids and adults around the world will take off soon Christmas stockings The bags come, hoping they will be full of gifts, to come tomorrow morning.

While children wait excitedly at home For Santa’s arrival, Father Christmas and the reindeer have an estimated 510,000,000 kilometers to travel to visit every home on his list – a number that means he would have to reach 390,000 homes a minute.

With a sleigh going so fast, it would be impossible to see it moving across the sky, but thankfully, there are other ways to monitor this Santa’s progress. birthday.

How to track down Santa Claus this Christmas

Every year while Santa Claus takes off on a sleigh From LaplandNorth America Air Defense Command (NORAD) tracks its journey across the world on December 24, Christmas Eve.

NORAD usually monitors airspace in the event of a nuclear attack, but for the past 60 years, the American organization has directed its Santa Hats to share the whereabouts of Father Christmas as a bit of festive fun during the holidays.

Those who want to witness Santa’s journey across the world this Christmas and monitor his progress can do so via Norad Santa websiteDigital Santa Claus on a sleigh pulled by reindeer traverses a 24-hour 3D map of the world in the run-up to Christmas Day.

Google also has its very own Santa tracker, Which shows exactly where he is in the world and how many gifts he has delivered so far.

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