A smart building is an innovative technology that allows you to increase the savings of electricity and improve the automation of many processes within a particular building. It can apply to both company premises and residential complex. What is it worth knowing about? advise.

What is smart building?

A smart building is simply a smart building that is controlled by appropriate algorithms to which all systems necessary to operate are linked. In this way, the central computer can control the lighting, supply power to the places where people work and monitor free parking spaces, empty office spaces, or free meeting rooms. To places where there is no need to supply power or turn on the air conditioning at the moment, they can simply be turned off. In the long run, it generates huge savings and is thus a tribute to the environment and eco-friendly solutions.

Smart building is also safe. Employees can be equipped with access cards, and the administrator can easily assign access rights to certain rooms for them. The same applies to the situation in which potential guests or contractors appear in the company. They can freely use the possibilities offered by the office, everything is done automatically and without unnecessary downtime.

Where did the idea of ​​smart building come from?

As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention. It should have been similar in this case. The need to increase employee comfort in the company and the need to reduce costs contributed to the creation of the whole and complex idea behind smart building. It should be noted that this idea is constantly developing and there are more and more solutions that allow automation to a much greater extent.

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It should also be noted that in times of pandemic, many employees have switched to permanent remote work. In this case, large office buildings are partially empty. Also, hybrid work, that is, business trips, means that some office space is not used. The smart building provides a complete view of such information. Thanks to this, you can rent unused space to another company or expand the range of services by suggesting, for example, meeting rooms for external entities.

You can also read more about smart buildings on the website https://www.netia.pl/pl/srednie-i-duze-firmy/produkty/iot/netia-smart-building/