Android 12 is now available on your 10-year-old Samsung smartphone! The Samsung Galaxy S III debuted in 2012, and today it is no longer supported by the manufacturer. However, this did not stop the developers from doing their own update.

Android 12 It officially goes to many smartphones – manufacturers are already in a hurry with updates. Of course, the latest version of the operating system will only arrive on some relatively new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S III z Androidem 12

Old smartphones do not need to be updated when it comes to official availability. However, sometimes there are surprises from the developers – we recently wrote about one year five years ago. Xiaomi Mi 6, which has been unofficially updated to MIUI 13. Today, ten-year-olds (!) Samsung Galaxy S III can already download Android 12 on it.

Unofficial ROM is responsible for the update LineageOS 19.0 Based on Android 12. Created by independent developers trying to give old smartphones – which are no longer supported by manufacturers – a second life. In the case of the smartphone released in 2012, it is really impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S III / fot. Samsung

Unfortunately, it was not without bugs – no wonder, after all, this is an unofficial update, in addition, it has to do with the life of the device. So far, ia a problem with SIM unlock Using a PIN code, as well as turning on the NFC module for contactless payments.

The developers are trying to fix these flaws – however, each user should consider possible issues before downloading the update. Prior implementation is also necessary Supportto protect our data.

Unofficial Android 12 for the Galaxy S III is available for download at XDA Developer Forum.

This Samsung smartphone is the most alluring. You have attracted a lot of new customers!


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