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Updated: November 20, 2020 10:53:41 am

Scribble changes how you use your iPad and Apple Pencil.

Although I have been using an Apple Pencil For some time, I recently discovered the Scribble feature that turns handwriting into written text. Scribble was introduced as part of iPadOS 14. While it may seem like a small feature, I find it really useful. It is worth checking if you have iPad and Apple Pencil.

Here’s how to use Scribble in iPadOS 14.

What is scribbling?

Scribble, included with iPadOS 14, primarily converts handwriting into written text. The best way to test this feature is to open an Notes Application then click pen He identified the pen marked with the letter “A”. Once you select the handwriting pen, write something and watch your handwriting transform into written text. In my case, I wrote “hello world” with the Apple Pencil and despite my poor handwriting, the iPad was able to recognize what I wrote and instantly convert it into written text.

Scribble feels fast enough to transform the handwriting on the go, which is something I really like about the feature. I’ve found Scribble helpful for taking quick notes or making a grocery list. But there’s more. If you circle and mark a word with the pencil, options like cut or copy appear. Meanwhile, erasing a word with Apple Pencil tip lets you delete that word. Interesting, scribble works across iOS. With the help of Scribble, it is possible to write a title using the Pencil in maps And search the site without having to type it in.

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Scribble is an interesting feature, provided you have an iPad running iPadOS 14 and an Apple Pencil. If you don’t have an Apple Pencil, even a Logitech Crayon Pen will work. The good thing about Scribble is that it also works with the Apple Pages word processor, which I use a lot. Unfortunately, there is no support for Scribble for Google Documents and Microsoft Desk. Headquarters. center.

How to turn Scribble on / off in iPadOS

Scribble is on by default in iPadOS 14. However, you have the option to turn Scribble on and off. Just open a file Settings app> scroll down and select Apple Pencil Then select the toggle button next to Scribble. Once you have turned on Scribble, you can “try Scribble” which allows you to try out the main functions of the feature.

iPadOS 14, Scribble, Scribble on iPadOS, Scribble Apple Pencil, Apple Pencil with Scribble, How to Scribble on iPados with Apple Pencil Scribble lets you manually type in any text field on the iPad and then convert your handwriting into text. (Photo credit: Anuj Bhatia / Indian Express)

What iPads support Scribble?

To use Scribble, you need an iPad that is running iPadOS 14 and supports the Apple Pencil. I used an iPad (7th generation) with the first generation Apple Pencil to try out Scribble. Here is a list of iPads that support Scribble

* iPad Air (2020)

* iPad (2020)

* iPad Pro 11 (2020)

* iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

* iPad (2019)

* iPad Mini (2019)

* iPad Air (2019)

* iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)

iPad Pro 11 (2018)

* iPad (2018)

* iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

* iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)

* iPad Pro 9.7 (2016)

* iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)

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