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Is life in 2021 a comedy?  Watch a Polish film about the UK's post-Brexit and Covid absurdities [wideo]

Do Poles still live well in the UK?

Can you beat the absurdity of the British economy in 2021?

Zimwak has not abandoned his mission of stigmatizing British reality [wideo]

Do the Poles want Tomasz to become a politician? [sonda]

2021. In the UK, people are leaving their jobs en masse and locking their doors at home because the phone tells them to. On the other hand, there are no products in stores, and in chain restaurants you may not drink an iced milk drink anymore. Is this the new normal? Qutbi living in the UK deals with British reality and the economic success of 2021.

“Zmywak: Comedy ’21” [wideo]

Does he “speak as he is” and should he become political? Watch the movie and express your opinion in our poll.

Zmywak didn’t say goodbye to YouTube

We recently wrote that Thomass probably doesn’t want to make movies anymore and Say goodbye to the audience. Fortunately, the speculation turned out to be incorrect, and YouTuber is back in its own fashion with another movie, criticizing what it is all about. There are almost no critical opinions on his new film, they appear to those who suggest that the program is not based on satire and satire at all:

“This movie doesn’t have to be entertainment, it’s an informative show, if I wanted to laugh, I’d turn on TVP”

– Written by Koprolity user.

Should Zmywak become a politician? [sonda]

The question arises, so we vote:

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