– A particular inconvenience is the fact that when there are exercises on the training ground, we can hear it here. It is as if the tram passes under the block – said Zbigniew Ludkowski, Mayor of Orzysz on the program “Newsroom”. American soldiers from the NATO battalion are stationed in this city for several years. A guest from the Polish armed forces said the presence of Allied forces had become another tourist attraction in the area. – You recently witnessed an interesting event. A local businessman from a nearby tourist town complained that constant arrows and flying helicopters frightened tourists. And at some point, such a helicopter arrives over his yard, and a whole group of tourists is running out of the residence, waving and rejoicing. So all the arguments collapsed at once – said Włodkowski. Mateusz Ratajczak asked if it had happened that the Americans residing in Ursius wanted to settle in this city after completing their mission. – There is no such situation (…). The mayor answered, but it happens that spouses form and go to the United States or other countries. He added that American soldiers quickly learn basic phrases in Polish, and the local government organizes language courses for residents so that communication with foreign guests goes smoothly.

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