Scratched car body, daily sports activities, series, quick coffee… We can see Great Britain in the latest movie on ZMYWAK. Thomas appears behind the scenes in his life. YouTuber fans were surprised that this life…so ordinary.

  • A Polish Youtuber from the UK broke his theater conference and showed a vlog from his daily life
  • in the movie My car was scratched in the UK See how an immigrant really lives in England
  • Many people are surprised that Thomas lives like many Poles in the UK
  • The film presents a positive image of Poles in the UK

They scratched my car in the UK – watching video:

Positive image of a pole in the UK

Although Zmywak’s channel and its author – Tomasz Bykowski – are associated primarily with a satirical approach to the issue of immigration, the vlog shows the Poles very positively. The fact is that the Poles are effective entrepreneurs and this is the image that appears in the film. Scratched car body repairs are carried out at a specialized polish shop.

This is a very different view of Boston and England than the one the vlogger is used to. If you watched the movie – also give your feedback in our poll. We are interested in your opinion.

All films about life in exile in the UK can be watched on the channel Director Office.

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