Samsung is one of the TV manufacturers that want to provide gamers with the best gaming quality The new Neo QLED and QLED TVs were unveiled at CES. The company’s engineers have taken care of a number of new technologies whose mission is to improve the experience of all gaming fans. The company confirms this Until now, these features were only available for high-end gaming monitors.

Yong Jun Choi, executive vice president of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, says directly that the company has prepared the equipment for users who want to pull off a handful of the latest games:

“Users want the best TVs that will give you a great gaming experience, be it computers or consoles. That is why it was so important in this year’s show to expand and improve the main functions of the players, which have so far been available in our screens. The improvements that will allow We will find it in the new Neo QLED and QLED lines for users to use the full potential of next-generation gaming. “

The latest Samsung TVs will allow players to enjoy the game 4K at 120 fps, So during the game, not only will we get a clear picture, but those interested can also rely on short response time, automatic low latency mode, variable refresh rate and other gaming functions designed for new generation consoles.

Samsung in Game Mode also introduces a new Game Bar, This allows you to set the aspect ratio of the screen, check the input delay factor, or connect the wireless headphones. The company is also using artificial intelligence to improve gameplay in Game Mode.

4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and less than 5.8ms latency make Neo QLED and QLED TVs the perfect match for next-generation consoles.

The latest Samsung Q90A 50-inch TV, as well as all other QLED models with a screen size of at least 55 inches, It also received support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. It would definitely be a good choice for PC and console players, because customers can count on beautiful HDR with the expected smoothness (no image tearing / skipping) and low latency.

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The company has also introduced its Neo QLED and QLED line for 2021 Adjust the screen to change the aspect ratio (21: 9 or 32: 9) And while playing on the computer, enjoy the game like a professional screens. New TVs just can’t lack the proper sound, in which case Samsung is using the following object sound for games – The technology in the new QLED models works using artificial intelligence technology, in which case we will hear exactly from which side the opponent will come.

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