He is considered the pioneer of the free enemy Sébastiena Foucana, initially related to parkour. The sport he started is based not only on various forms of running, but also on great acrobatics. How is it different from parkour and how do you learn this technique?

Freerun and parkour – similarities and differences

Parkour and free running have a common origin. Both types of activity were born in France, more precisely in the city of Lysés. The beginnings were not entirely clear, because it all started with the innocent games of a group of young boys. One of them was the soldier’s son, David Bell. He was the one who started showing his friends
Techniques included in the training of the French forcesThat his father taught him. Passion for sports and better and better mastery of individual techniques have led to the emergence of a famous group yamakase. Eventually its members split up, but they didn’t stop doing extreme sports using urban jungle obstacles. He also continued training
David Bell, which began to define its domain as Parkour, from the French word
a trip
mark the way
. The already mentioned Sebastian Fukan was in the Yamakase group. However, he started to change the technique a bit and add more to it amazing items. This is how free running was born.

Both areas share many similarities and techniques, for example the use of urban building elements. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between parkour and free running. Some trainees even think that both techniques are actually the same. However, most see a fundamental difference.

The difference between parkour and free running is defined as the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.
Parkour is closely related to military training and is aimed at mastering techniques thanks to which a person practicing it will be able to overcome the road from point A to point B as quickly as possible. In addition to developing physical fitness, it is also important to improve the adaptability of environmental elements.

On the other hand, free running is much richer in acrobatics. You do not rush, but master amazing tricks. These include, among others, various types of flips, i.e. flips, including back flip (back flip), front and side flip (side flip), antenna, i.e. hands-free star or gainer, i.e. back flip that is made while forward jumping. Freerunning is considered by people who train it as a form of free self-expression through movement. On the other hand, the techniques used in it are also meant to impress watchers of amazing acrobatics.

Free learning, or how to get started

Many people decide to learn this technique on their own, others choose free academies, and more and more of them are also appearing in Poland. It is difficult to say which of the methods is better, because it largely depends on the individual preferences of the trainee. However, it is worth finding your master in this field, who will help you straighten your wings and, at the same time, keep you safe during training. Contrary to appearances, free jogging is not considered a particularly harmful sport, but only on condition Maintain appropriate security measures. First of all, you should not do new tricks on your own, especially the more difficult ones. An experienced novice in this art may also be lost for bragging or a lack of respect for obstacles. Even when performing the trick for the hundredth time
Potential risks should not be underestimated. It is also not recommended hurry, through which it is easy not only to make a mistake, but also to get injured due to the unfamiliarity of the previous body with the new type of movement.

Freerunning allows you to improve your condition, flexibility and efficiency in an amazing way. Moreover, the exercises do not require specialized equipment. All you need is comfortable clothes. The best
Putti do freerunningu
They are those intended for runners, with sufficient shock absorption, and are especially important for beginners. It is worth noting that during sports, the shoes can be easily damaged.

Freerun is an interesting show for people who are looking for new sensations in sports, especially in the most extreme, and at the same time not very expensive types. It not only has a positive effect on the condition, but also gives a feeling of joy and, above all, freedom.

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