Interview with Dominic Marzik, Director of the Entrepreneurship Support Department at Wroclaw Technology Park (WPT), where two entrepreneurship incubators operate

We don’t associate the word incubator with entrepreneurship in the first place. Why is it used in this context and how are companies incubated?

Dominic Marzik: In my opinion, the word nursery is directly related to caring, supporting development, spreading a protective lampshade, as it happens little in the animal world, in the care of young representatives of a particular species. A business incubator is a space, or even an ecosystem, in which startups, and entrepreneurs who start their businesses and have no experience, are surrounded by a protective canopy. We help them take the first business steps, follow up on various types of business procedures, or, for example, with preferential lease terms for offices, we protect them from high costs at the initial stage of the company’s development. It is also important that this protection, business custody does not impose specific steps, but rather shares good practices, tips and warnings. It shows the way.


Thus, it can be said that a business incubator is a place where startups can find support for themselves and participate in the incubation process of their companies.

Exactly, in the case of two business incubators in Wrocław Technology Park, the companies operating in them have entire WTP facilities at their disposal, not just “incubator” office space. We understand incubation as a process that goes far beyond simply locating the entrepreneur in a vacant office space. Help him gain experience or business contacts.

The idea of ​​creating business incubators was born in the late fifties of the last century in the USA, where it was supposed to stimulate the creation of new industrial companies, and the idea came to Europe after 30 years. When did incubators appear in WPT?

WPT has been working for entrepreneurship in Wrocław for nearly 25 years. Our first business incubator, the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator Loire Silesia, was established in 2006 and is still very active to this day. It was one of the first business incubators in Wroclaw. For more than 16 years of operation, 155 companies of various industries have developed there. Some of them are powerful publicly traded companies today. We know from the entrepreneurs who have collaborated with us over the years that without our business incubator and access to the WPT infrastructure, which they guarantee, they would not be able to turn their ideas into well-functioning businesses.

source: cdn

note. The city and commune of Aruda Aleska will also soon own the Entrepreneurship Incubator. We are completing its construction with the strong support of European Union funds. We would like to thank KIZ Staśko from Środa Śląska for the effective implementation of this municipal investment in the development of entrepreneurship.

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The final stage of construction of the Średzki Entrepreneurship Incubator at ul. cooperative