Donald Trump fired Legal challenges In five major US states, claiming election officials are counting the fraudulent votes. As a result, the winner of an election may be unclear for weeks, and the damage to public confidence in the democratic process may last longer.

Here’s what happens in each state. For the latest election updates, see Live Blog.

Which countries face the challenges of voting?


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit seeking to halt voting in Michigan on Wednesday, alleging that Republicans were not allowed to “purposefully” monitor the charges in several locations but that a state court judge rejected them.

Michigan Claims Court Judge Cynthia Stevens issued the ruling during a court hearing on Thursday. She said she plans to issue a written judgment on Friday.

She also said that the defendant, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, was the wrong person to sue because she had no control over local vote counting logistics, even if she was the state’s chief election official. The lawsuit alleged that Mrs. Benson, a Democrat, was allowing absentee ballots to be counted without teams of bipartisan observers as well as competitors. It was accused of undermining “the constitutional right of all Michigan voters … to participate in fair and legal elections.”

The state was key to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, when he turned it away from the Democrats with less than 11,000 votes, but this year Joe Biden won 16 electoral votes with 99 percent of the vote counted.

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The Georgian Republican Party and President Trump asked a judge to secure and count all late votes.

A Republican ballot monitor claimed that election officials in Chatham County, Georgia, added 53 mail-in late-arriving ballots to the pile of legally collected ballots. Mail ballots are expected to favor the Democrats.

But the judge dismissed the case. Chatham County Superior Court Judge James Bass did not provide an explanation for his decision Thursday at the conclusion of a hearing that lasted nearly an hour.

The province includes the highly democratic city of Savannah.

Mr. Trump leads with fewer than 1,500 votes in the state, with Joe Biden filling the gap. More than 98 percent of the vote was counted.