Talks continue about the possibility of Bradford entering Level 3 insurance – but what does that mean?

Level 3 is currently the highest coronavirus alert.

How long will it last?

Nobody can confirm this, but the government says it will review restrictions every 28 days.

Who can I meet with?

There are fewer people than before. You can only meet indoor or outdoor spaces, like a garden, hospitality with people in your home or a support bubble.

If you really can’t live without seeing your friends, you can meet other people in outdoor public places, like the beach or the park, but only in groups of up to six (rule of six).

Can I stay with friends all night?

Not if that means sharing a roof with anyone who isn’t in your house or a support bubble.

Additionally, people outside of Tier 3 zones are “strongly advised” not to stay overnight.

what about work?

Employees are encouraged to work from home where possible. All workplaces must be “Covid secure”.


Once again travel is still upset but you can still travel to work (if you can’t work from home), head to the shops and open hospitality venues. People must wear a face covering.

Whenever possible, persons are urged not to travel outside the Level 3 alert area.

Will the shops be open?

Although this is subject to the discretion of the store owners (who may decide to close for their safety) most stores are expected to remain open.

Can I have a drink / eat out?

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Restaurants and bars must close by 10 PM and provide table service.

However, local authorities have the discretion to tighten the rules.

Bars and pubs must offer a “big” meal when alcohol is purchased.

Well can I practice?

Once again, local authorities have the discretion to close gyms.

Can I go to a place of worship?

Yes, but families should not mix. There are exceptions to weddings and funerals.

So I can get married?

Yes, but only 15 people can attend the party on and off the receptions.

What about funerals?

Up to 30 people can attend the funeral and half of them can go to wake up (but not at someone’s house).

Libraries and other public buildings

These buildings remain open at the discretion of the Authority. It might be better to check.