“PE from AWF” – Registration for training is on-going


Physical Education and Early Childhood Education teachers are encouraged to participate in structured training under the “PE from AWF – Active Back to School” programme. Its goal is to improve the physical condition of students after a long period of distance learning. Teachers who have already completed training are invited to participate in the second phase of the program, the so-called sports clubs. The program will continue in 2022.

Teacher training as part of the PE with AWF program

We would like to remind you that seven centers of the Academy of Physical Education are recruiting for teacher training under the first phase of the programme. There are still dates available. On the other hand, teachers of physical education and early childhood education who participated in the first stage of the project and obtained a certificate, can apply to sports clubs, that is, to the second stage of the “PE with AWF” program. .

All teachers who have completed semester training conducted this year will be able to apply to conduct classes under next year’s version of the program. The condition is to obtain a certificate confirming the completion of the training.

It should be noted that we plan to continue the program in 2022, but teacher training will not be implemented. It is therefore important that teachers interested in conducting classes as part of sports clubs participate in training this year.

Gym classes are aimed at children and youth from primary and secondary schools.

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Registration for the training is still ongoing and is done via the available form on the page.