Amazon Prime Video and RTVE announced that Rodrigo Santoro and Alvaro Morty (professor at The House of Paper) from Westworld will play adventurers Magellan and Elcano in the new series.

Westworld and House of Paper stars will circumnavigate the globe in the new Amazon series

A series of four episodes “no limits” He is to present to us the story of Juan Sebastian Elcano and Ferdinand Magellan, who left Spain 500 years ago. Journey around the world by ship.

The series will also include:

  • Sergio Perez Mincita (captain of Cartagena)
  • Adrian Lastra (Captain Mendoza)
  • Carlos Cuevas (Martineau)
  • Pepon nieto (Ojsic bartolomy)
  • Raul Tejon (Gomez de Espinosa)
  • Goncalo Deniz (Duarte Barbosa)
  • Manuel Moron (Cardinal Fonseca)
  • Barbara Goinga (Beatriz)

Simon West is the director of the upcoming mini-series “no limits”.

Sky red

The pictures for the series have to start already April 26, 2021 Year in the Basque Country, then the team will move to the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, the marine scenes will be filmed in Pinewood Studios (scenes from CGI) and in Seville and Madrid.

Two of the original ships will be rebuilt from scratch based on the descriptions, and the team will also build A replica of the only ship that has survived to this day. Screenwriters Patchi amizqua.

The series is scheduled to appear in Amazon Prime Video. For now, the premiere is in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, South America, North America, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Andorra. We don’t know if it will appear in Poland. Its release date is unknown.

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