rainy And the cold days should be forgotten for a while. According to meteorologists, it will get warmer in early September and we will still have a chance to enjoy the sun. How long will it take to improve weather?

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Cold winter and global warming. “Expecting it to be warmer has only taken hold”

September. The beginning of the month is brighter and warmer

On Wednesday, September 1, it will begin to clear. According to the gate twojapogoda.plIn the West they will stop Rainfall The sun will begin to come out from behind the clouds. In other parts of the country, it will still be rainy and cloudy.

Thursday, especially in the east, will be very rainy, but on Friday, September 3, it will begin to shine throughout the country. “We expect clear skies, no rain, weak winds and high temperature, which at the warmest moment of the day will be from 20 degrees in the east to even 25 degrees in the west” – forecast meteorologists.

Weekend weather also looks good, although rain is likely locally. The temperature will also be slightly lower – up to 20 degrees. “Only night and morning it will be cold, below 10 degrees, locally with ground frosts” – says the portal.

RCB Alert against heavy rain. possible flood

Next week, the thermometers will read from 15 to 20 degrees at first, then from 20 to 25 degrees. However, weather forecasters say that while the weather for September looks promising, you shouldn’t expect hot weather.

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Europe. Is the heat gone forever?

In the southern part of Europe, the temperature can sometimes exceed 30 degrees, but meteorologists assure that the heat in Europe is now gone. Although it appears on maps of the south Wonderful if FranceNot as strong as it was a few weeks ago. Thermometers also show more than 30 degrees in southern Greece and Turkey, according to the portal weather fans.

According to forecasts of meteorologists, warmer air masses will begin to flow into Europe from September 2-3. Then things will get hot in France and at home Germany. As September 5 approaches, heat will also appear in the Balkans, Romania and Hungary. We will also record higher temperatures in Poland.

weather.  When will the rain stop and the golden Polish autumn will come to Poland?  (Illustrative image)weather. When will the rain stop? Will there be a Polish Golden Autumn in Poland?