According to the gate severe weather europeThe hottest summer temperatures await us in the coming weeks. In southern Europe, thermometers will show between 40 and 45 degrees.

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Later this week, southern Europe will be engulfed by a heat wave

According to meteorological forecasts, in early July and August in the region The Mediterranean Sea And in the Balkan Peninsula, the strongest heat wave will occur this year and will last for at least a week. The temperature is expected to rise to 40 degrees and in some places reach 45 degrees. As the portal mentioned, the air will be dry during this time, which will increase the potential for fires and droughts. It can also be inflated with warm air desert dust.

ItalySerbia and North Macedonia Albania, Romania, Bulgaria Greece is the country hardest hit by the heat wave, but the British and Irish will also have a hot day. There will appear thermometers 30 degrees. Not only the air, but also the waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Britain and Ireland are about two to four degrees warmer than usual at the end of July.

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Will next week in Poland be hot?

Synoptics Z Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Expect us to wait for Wednesday storms And showers all over the country, thermometers in the south and in the center will sometimes show up to 31 degrees, and a little cooler on the seashore and in the west from 24 to 27 degrees. Similar weather is expected tomorrow, Thursday, with a number of lightning strikes in several regions and temperatures ranging between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius. It will be hotter in the south.

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“Friday, there will be a change in the weather related to the movement of the cold front, which will result in severe storms and heavy rain in special places in the south of the country. In the southeast, the weather is still hot and sometimes rising.” to 31 degrees, in the remaining region from 24 to 28 degrees ”- we read in the IMGW version. The weekend will be a little cooler, temperature The maximum in the north will range from 21 to 23 degrees in the north and from 26 to 28 degrees in the south.

According to forecasts of meteorologists from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, from August 1 to 8 the heat will leave Poland and it will get colder – the temperature will drop to about 20 degrees. However, later the heat will return to the country again.