Very sunny and warm the weatherWhich accompanied us across the country with the early days of April, has been somewhat forgotten. Easter Holiday We spend in a different aura, as a result of the flow of cold air from the front.

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Global Warming. “The weather has gone crazy for a reason. We have a climate crisis.”

Weather forecast for today – Monday, April 5th. The wind will make him cold

In Lany Poniedzialek, also known as Śmigus-Dyngusem, in the vast majority of sunny country the weather. The weather will be cloudy to the east, but with more rain. On the coast, Pomerania, and land Lobuska And Lublin area We’ll see some rain in some places.

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The maximum temperature will be closer to the spring values. In the southeastern part of Poland from 7 ° C, in the west it is much warmer due to the influx of masses of warm air. The highest temperature in Zielona Góra is Szczecin – Up to 14 degrees, in Koszalin Poznan Up to 13 degrees, and Gdansko And Bydgoszcz, thermometers will show values ​​up to 12 ° C. However, strong winds will make the perceived temperature much lower. According to meteorologists, the southwest wind will be strong, with a speed of 50-55 kilometers per hour. In the northwest, it will weaken slightly and change direction towards the west.

In almost all of Poland, atmospheric pressure will begin to decrease, which will have a negative impact on our well-being. Many people may experience decreased psychosomatic fitness, have trouble concentrating or experience increased pain and nervousness.

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