Rzeczpospolita writes about the lack of Poles and even the participation of people from Central and Eastern Europe. The new Bauhaus is an initiative that aims to use the potential of architects and designers to build green and sustainable spaces in Europe.

It refers directly to the German pre-war School of Design, Design and Industrial Design – & nbspsimple, economical and nbspfunctional. The Bauhaus combined art and craftsmanship, putting them on a par.

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However, there is a problem with the current new Bauhaus, which is a pan-European idea – and there are no Polish people in it. The European Commission has begun to organize a round table, that is, a body of experts who will deal with the construction of the new system.

The information obtained by “Rzeczpospolita” informally shows that the group of architects, designers and other experts may not have enough Poles. In any of the qualification stages of the advisory body for the construction of the new Bauhaus, the European Commission did not take into account the Polish nominations. Presumably, they weren’t there.


However, “RB” verified that the Polish representative of the European Commission sent a proposal with three names to headquarters. What happened to run? unknown.