“New Amsterdam” is Netflix Polska’s biggest hit in the last ten days or so. The site currently features two seasons of the series originally produced by NBC. Yesterday, the first episode of the third series appeared for the first time on foreign television, which the Poles will likely have waited a little for. Fortunately, we have an interesting alternative.

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Netflix has been publishing a list of the ten most popular titles every following day for about a year. During these many months there were many surprises there, but the prestigious position that “New Amsterdam” occupied for two weeks is one of the biggest. Although this is not new, the Poles have thrown themselves into a medical chain. What other titles of this type can be found on Netflix?

Sharett and Sharett in the war

The popularity of the series “The Knick”, which was broadcast in 2014-2015, led many medicinal products created in the following years to also adopt historical costumes. One of these works was the German series “Charité” about the staff of one of the largest hospitals in Berlin in the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The series was so popular that in 2019 it received a sequel to “Charite Na War”, which was set between 1943 and 1945.

Medical police

Most medical series revolves around the aesthetics of melodramas, but – as Scoops of Doctors has shown for years – the hospital is also the perfect arena for comedy. Also thought the creators of the “Medical Police” series last year, which is about a group of doctors dealing with a deadly virus. However, unraveling the mystery of its origins will require you to drop your white coats and arm yourself with firearms. All this in cooperation with the US government.


Hospitals are places where committed healthcare professionals struggle for the life and health of their patients every day. However, it has long been known that not all of the medicinal practices used over the centuries were used by patients. Psychiatric hospitals enjoyed a particularly bad thing, which was successfully used by the authors of the “Ratched” series. The introduction to the cult movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest focuses on Ratched’s early diabolical career and her changing attitudes toward patients.

Hospital playlist

Medical soap operas have not been as popular in the past decade as they were in the 1990s. South Korea is one of the few countries in which it is now attracting a large audience. Therefore, it is not surprising that on Netflix Polska you will find many productions of this type created in and around Seoul. Among these “Hospital Playlist” comedy-dramas are the most interesting. The 12-episode series tells the story of five young doctors, friends since college, and the emotional struggles associated with the daily struggle for life.

Szpital Lenox Hill

Sometimes following the most complex of fairy tales is less exciting than watching real people face real problems. That is why fans of “New Amsterdam” should pay attention to the documentary series “Lenox Hill Hospital”. The production protagonists are four real doctors (two surgeons, a resident chief, and an ambulance worker) trying to reconcile private life with work in the US Health Service.

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