Dear readers, we invite you to enjoy together, as we will pick the best games from the Game Pass catalog as of 2020. You will be able to justify every choice for you, and we will reward the best justifications, among other things, through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions and … Xbox console. Series X!

Game Pass gets stronger with each passing year. In 2020, a lot happened in service: there were high-profile AAA titles, led by Red Dead Redemption 2, cloud playability for Android phone owners, and EA Play and Bethesda joined the service.

On this occasion, we invite you to have fun together – Pick the best games available on Xbox Game Pass in 2020. We choose in 7 categories:

  • The most beautiful game
  • The best team game
  • Best indie game
  • Best family game
  • The most beautiful soundtrack
  • The most important event
  • Game of the year

Since there are hundreds of titles available in the service, we decided to help you and narrow your selection by indicating which candidate games you can vote for. Yeah, we know some might have different genres, but voting for hundreds of games could last until June :).

However, voting doesn’t end there, because for each category you must describe (no more than 750 characters) why the game / event you chose won. The description is very important because it will allow the jury to choose the winners for each category – the more interesting your advice is described, the better. In each category you can win:

  • Monthly subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Beautiful game, multiplayer, indie, family, soundtrack and event categories
  • Xbox Series X Console + 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Game category of the year
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Do not hesitate and vote! The fun will continue until January 31 (Sunday) until 23:59. After this date, the survey will close. After voting, the jury will review all descriptions and choose the best one in each category. Winners will be notified by email (at the address provided in the survey) by the end of January. Please remember – Only one person can submit one entry.

Game Pass – We choose the best games of 2020:

  • Choose your preferences and justify your choice with a description
  • Submit the survey, providing the necessary email address for potential contact in case of winning
  • Everyone can vote – whether PPE account holders or those who are not logged in
  • One person can vote only once – any attempts to break this rule will be “rewarded” with poll removal
  • Voting continues until January 31 (Sunday) 23:59.
  • Awards will go to the authors of the most interesting descriptions in each category
  • Results will be published by February 14 at the latest (we will communicate with winners via email before publishing results)