Before we dedicate ourselves completely to February’s series of novelties, let’s recap for January. What production rings do we like?

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Best Series – January 2021

Piotr Grabiec – WandaVision, because I’ve been an avid Marvel fan

Disney managed to close stage 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the coronavirus pandemic with a final roll on tape, but failed to swing the next stage. We are still waiting for the premiere of “Black Widow”, and it turns out that the beginning of the new chapter of the MCU is the first de facto series with superheroes written for Disney +, which turns out to be similar to .. “Honey Years”. The main characters of the title, such as Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlett Witch and synthesoid Vision, found their way into some strange reality, which was embodied in American sitcoms from the second decade of the last century …

WandaVision is available on Disney +.

Anna Nicks – Because it is a sin, because it touches on an important topic

Boo to grzech hbo go

I didn’t see a lot of new series in January. However, it’s hard for me to imagine that something from the January show could loudly say “It’s a sin.” The production deals with an important yet to be found topic in its prime time serial – this topic marks the beginnings of the HIV epidemic in Great Britain in the 1980s. A touching story about lost youth, to the rhythm of an insane mix of music.

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You can find the series at HBO GO.

Rafał Christ – Cobra Kai: Season 3, because it’s a true art to keep at that level

Watch Cobra Kai Series Three Netflix Review

I couldn’t believe that the Karate Kid sequel could succeed. You bought me Cobra Kai in Season 1, but it seemed impossible to keep the same level in Part Two. In fact, it dropped a bit in the second batch, but rebounded in the third batch. The final episodes offer a perfectly balanced mix of nostalgia, humor, action, and revision of the theses raised in the originals. Watching the tensions between Daniel and Johnny is as fun as watching the latter attempt to engage with the modern world. And even if stories about children sometimes seem schematic and predictable, the choreography of the fights between them more than makes up for it. I have concerns about more episodes of production, but I think if Netflix succeeds this time, it will continue to follow the chosen track once.

All classes of Cobra Kai can be found on the platform Netflix.

Conrad Chust – WandaVision, because I had a great time, but I can’t say why

wandavision sword helicopter logo game

“WandaVision” might not be my dream series, because after episode four you know what’s going on, but you can seriously ask why we were bothered by the previous three, unclear episode. The answer is simpler than it sounds – because it just worked. The strange formula made it impossible for me to turn away from the screen. Most importantly, despite the fact that this formula (I’ll say the least spoilers) turned out to be ephemeral, the creators made every effort to make it as reliable as possible. There are cool fashions and styles from the era, visual jokes, and even humor that pretty much mimics the times when they appear.

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Tomasz Gardziński – disappointed, because in January, the Netflix animation, despite its name, surprised positively

Disappointed in the series

Unlike my fellow editors, I consider “WandaVision” one of the weakest series in recent months. Marvel announced a bombshell, but has so far come up with a predictable series like a parody. Personally, I promised myself a lot as well after Season 2 of “Jurassic Park: Chalk Camp,” but new episodes from this production didn’t contribute much to the “Jurassic World” in the end.

That’s why, of course, this month’s my series was supposed to be the only title that positively surprised me. Disappointment in its third season finally realized that the relationship “the more jokes, the better” shouldn’t work out for them. Therefore, they focused more on the development of their heroes, moving the whole plot in interesting directions, thanks to this, the humor itself is often subtle. If the next installment of “The Disappointed” catches the trend, Netflix production will eventually cease to describe itself as an inferior cousin to “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”.

You can watch all seasons of the series on the platform Netflix.

Joanna Tracewicz – Euforia (Special Episode 2), because I’m looking forward to Season 2 of the series

“Euforia” is one of the best series to have been produced in recent years. Levinson himself deftly deals with the topic of addiction, researching one’s identity, acceptance, and development. During the break between season 1 and season 2 (there is no release date for this release yet), we got two specials for Christmas, one on Street, and one on Juul. The story of Jules, played by the wonderful hunter Hunter Schaeffer, is an almost hour-long therapy session during which we learn about her motivations, doubts, and illnesses. We have a chance to look at her actions in previous episodes a little differently (deeper?), As if the heroine is showing us a new part of herself. It is cleansing. I look forward to the new season of “Euphoria”.

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You can watch the series on HBO GO.

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