The creators of the new Mr. Clix Academy have revealed who will play Ambroshi Clix. We also know we’ll see Piotr Fronczewski in the movie.

Mr. Klicks Academy is one of the most popular Polish children’s films. I absolutely remember how I loved watching the adventures of Adam Niezgódka and Piotr Fronczewski as Ambroże Kleks. There will be a new opportunity for this next year.

A new academy is being established for Mr. Clix

Previous reports were confirmed, that Thomas Cote will play Mr. Clix. He is one of the most popular Polish actors, so you don’t have to worry. Moreover, how many people are suitable for this role, also physically.

Maciej Kawulski, who will be the director of the film, also provided a role for the original Ambroże Kleks, i.e. Piotr Fronczewski. We don’t know who will be in the new movie, but there is speculation on the narrator or Dr. Bag Chi Wu.

Interestingly enough, we won’t see Adam Nezgodka in the movie. He will be replaced by a girl – Ada Niezgódka. Work on the film lasted 3 years, but it will not be released in cinemas until 2023. It will be created in cooperation with the city of Katowice. Open Mind Productions and Bajka Pana Kleksa are responsible for production.

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Image source: Mr. Clix Academy