The draw for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers took place on Tuesday. Poland joined Group D along with Germany, Israel and Estonia. To get out of it, it is enough to take one of the first three places.

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The future of the 3×3 team is in question. “The idea of ​​the band has run out.”

But the stairs start later. Qualification goes to the second stage – then there will be a total of 24 teams in four groups (six in each group). So if we were eliminated from Group D in the first stage, we will meet in the next stage (with the results of the first stage) with the three best teams from Group C. It consists of Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Sweden. In the end, the top three teams will qualify for the World Cup.

The matches will be played in a peer-to-peer system in November 2021 and February and June 2022. 32 teams will participate in the tournament. The tournament will be held in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Basketball World Cup 2023, European Region:

Croup A: Serbia, Latvia, Belgium, Slovakia.

Group B: Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and Belarus.

Group C: Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Sweden.

Group D: Germany, Poland, Israel, Estonia.

Group E: France, Montenegro, Hungary, Portugal.

Sixth group: Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.

Group G: Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, North Macedonia.

Group H: Italy, Russia, Holland, Iceland.