We were introduced to the crew of the European Netflix series by the creators dark, Jantje Friese’a i Barana bo Odara. W. 1899 We’ll see people from countries like: Spain, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Poland.

The series will be European and the dialogue will be written in the mother tongue of each author. 1899 It will tell the story of a group of immigrants of various social classes and nationalities who leave Europe by ship to start a new life in the United States. When they encounter another migrant ship drifting into the open sea, an unexpected event turns their journey into a nightmare.

In December 2020, it was announced that Emily Beecham would appear in the series. Now also joined by: Maciej Musiał and Aneurin Barnard (GoldfinchAndreas Beichmann (darkMiguel Bernardo (Elite SchoolAnton LesserGame of thronesLucas Lingard Tonsinethe rainRosalie CraigLondon RoadClara Rosagerthe rain(Maria Erwelter)rite), Jan Geil (Yours and friends), Mathilde Oliver (Overlord), Jose Pimento (Alberto), Isabella Wei, Gabe Wong, Jonas Blocket, Flynn Edwards and Alexander Willum.

The eight-episode series is currently being produced at Studio Babelsberg outside of Berlin. The entire movie will be shot in virtual production using pioneering new LED-Volume technology, which uses video game engine technology to create virtual sets and locations, allowing you to perform complex visual effects.

You can actually see a short preview of the series on YouTube.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter