On Wednesday, the England national team beat Denmark 2-1 at London Wembley after extra time and advanced to the Euro 2020 final. Despite many restrictions, the Danes were supported on the field by 8,000 citizens, most of whom live in Great Britain. However, they were not greeted with pleasure by the locals who were aggressive not only inside the stadium but also outside it.

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‘The English could not stand the pressure for years’

My daughters, aged 14-11, did not dare to show their Danish shirts because they were afraid of the reaction of the English fans. Sigrun Mathijsen Campbell told Danish media: “We spat at the entrance to the stadium and insulted people.

Another Dane, Janet Jorgensen, who has lived in London for 15 years, spoke about her experience in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

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– When we got home from the stadium, a group of 6-7 people started shouting: “This is not the place for you.” We also had a Danish flag that they wanted to take away from us but I managed to get it out. Then they started plucking my hair. You couldn’t believe what was happening. She said it was terrifying.

– I spoke to the police, but I’m not sure anything happened. I was so shocked that I just wanted to go home – she added.

Jorgensen admitted that accidents also occurred at Wembley itself. – We bought tickets from the Danish Federation because we all wanted to sit together. I don’t know how it happened, but there were a lot of Englishmen in our sector, some of them very aggressive. We just wanted to see a good game and a fun evening. We didn’t want any problems. Of course not many people acted like that, but I’m still worried about the Italian fans ahead of Sunday’s final. I hope they don’t try what we’re doing – we reported a fan of the Danish national team.

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We felt like we were in a zombie movie.

Even the most brutal English hooligans acted towards the Dinky family Eva Green on her return from the stadium, who was attacked on a city bus.

– We were at the bottom of the bus with our sleeping son, when a crowd of people saw our Danish shirts through the window. They started knocking on windows and doors and screaming. Greene mentioned in a BBC interview, I couldn’t explain to my son what she meant.

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– They were so aggressive, we felt like we were in a zombie movie. My son got scared and ran to the top of the bus and I followed him. At this point, one of those people ran towards my husband and slapped him in the stomach, causing the crowd to cheer. The driver closed the door and we drove away, but these people kept banging on the windows and making lewd gestures – said the 43-year-old Danish woman.

The incident was registered by the local police. However, Green advises Italian fans who live in England not to go to the stadium. “I advise Italian fans to stay at home,” she said, adding that the incidents would not change her mind about living in London.

“We’ve been living here for six years and one evening it wouldn’t change how much we love this place, and it’s hard not to cheer for England.” It’s a very positive and personable team. I think they do not support such behavior and also respect the Italian and Danish national teams. I think player or coach Gareth Southgate would approach the crowd with proper charisma – summed up by Eva Green.

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Euro 2020 final in England – Italy at Wembley Stadium on Sunday at 21:00. Live coverage on Sport.pl.