It occurs in three states of aggregation, all living things need to live, it is one of the four elements. Przemyslav Rudy and Swamir Neczynski talked about water on the broadcast of “Pomorzi Naoka Uyat” with Dr. Happ. Joanna Fac Pineda, A.; From the University of Gdask, director of the Institute of Geography and the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdask, and above all a hydrologist.

a. Vak Pineda explained what was within the scope of her research. Hydrology is all about water. I specialize in hydrology and post-medicine, which means I deal mainly with rivers. The word ‘hydrography’ is also used, meaning to describe water. It is not easy: to calculate something, that is, to work in hydrology, you first need to find and describe, that is, hydrography and hydrology cannot live without each other – she explained.

It turns out that rivers somehow live their lives. Rivers are organized in a way that regulates themselves. As long as man does not interrupt them by disrupting them, often in a negative way, this organization is perfectly regulated. Among other things, I deal with river network analysis, a sister to neural network analysis, of the bloodstream. These are things to compare. At the University of Gdask, I teach courses in hydrology and water protection and lectures at the university level. I talk about water as a human environment, ranging from philosophy to art, literature and music to geographical matters. This is a very broad lecture, there is no life without water. The researcher said it is a truism, but it is true.

a. Fac-Beneda also identified research methods used in hydrology. – We can measure water levels, its flow per unit time, and if we have this information and knowledge about the catchment area from which you take water, we also have information about the water resources in a particular area – she pointed out.

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