Because of the fire, Turkish forces evacuated more than a dozen nearby villages. The fire that broke out in a forest near the city of Manavgat, Wednesday, by strong winds, spread quickly and spread to populated areas. Homes, fields and farmland in many localities were devastated by fire.

– We don’t feel safe, it’s not nice here. Karolina Krzyszka, a polar resident in the Turkish resort of Manavgat, said on TVN24 BiS that there is no electricity in the area, no air conditioning, and the temperature outside is 40 degrees. She added that the fire was two or three kilometers away. – We are here on the first day, we spent it in the hotel. The situation is that in the morning breathing was very difficult, at night it was very bad because smoke was entering the hotel, we even had ashes on the balcony – she said. The vacations we thought would be the dream vacation – sun, beach, warmth – aren’t. Stressed that there is smoke, it is difficult to breathe.

Reporter 24 reports a fire near a Turkish resort.

fire in Turkey. The wounded and the victims

Among the victims of the element was an 82-year-old woman who was unable to leave her home alone. Due to smoke poisoning, 122 people were hospitalized, and three suffered serious burns. And on Thursday morning, 58 people were still receiving care in the hospital. The fire also trapped 10 people in the lake in a boat. Rescuers arrived on Thursday.

“Any help to our citizens who suffer from the fire will be given any help,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, vowing to conduct an in-depth investigation into the causes of the fire.

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Hundreds of people flee the beach in Bodrum

About four thousand people, 457 vehicles and 35 aircraft are involved in the fight against the element.

“Hundreds of people are fleeing the beach in Bodrum. The forest is burning. The fire has occupied the hotel. People on boats are heading to the other side,” sports journalist Mateusz Borek wrote on Twitter.

According to the Turkish authorities, more than 60 fires broke out in 17 provinces this week.

They will investigate the cause

The causes of the fire are still unknown. One version adopted by the police is arson.

– The fire broke out in four different locations which indicates that it may not have been a coincidence. But at the moment, we do not have accurate information – Muhitin Busek, Mayor of Antalya commented. He stressed that tourist facilities are not in danger.