“Young athletes and company employees were vaccinated within five months, and the most vulnerable were left in the end. We could have saved 10,000 lives. People if the example of other EU countries that prioritized the elderly were followed,” the head of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health said on Wednesday in Parliament. .

The minister stated that in the first year of the epidemic in Bulgaria there were 26,000 people. The number of deaths is more than the same period the previous year.

Kakarov also warned that experts in Bulgaria say another wave of the COVID-19 epidemic is expected in September, which will be possible mainly due to the slow pace of the vaccination campaign against the disease.

How many Bulgarians have been vaccinated?

In Bulgaria, 16.2% are currently vaccinated with two doses. Population. Vaccines are availableBut half of the population is afraid to take them. This position is supported by the fact that the number of infections has remained low since June, although the infection curve has recently begun to slowly rise again.

Kakarov announced that by the end of July it would have to destroy 22 thousand. Doses of AstraZeneca have reached the end of their shelf life.

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According to the minister, an additional risk factor that increases the likelihood of another health crisis is the poor state of the Bulgarian health services. He stated that the government has allocated 130 million lev (305 million PLN) to modernize all 128 COVID-19 wards in the country.

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On Wednesday, the Bulgarian government decided to extend the state of emergency related to the epidemic until August 31.

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