In the tenth round of women’s curling matches, the Swiss team defeated the Koreans 8:4 and were the first to guarantee their access to the semi-finals. Canadian and Chinese women also scored victories by defeating the USA and Great Britain respectively.

After 11 sessions, three men’s plays are sure to qualify for the semi-finals, and a fourth is close to that. The Swedes, the British and the Canadians made it into the top four. Great Britain defeated the Russian Olympic Committee, Canada and Sweden did not participate in this tournament. Americans have a good chance of promotion. Their promotion will be determined at the last twelfth cycle.

Session 11.

  • China-Switzerland 6:5
  • UK – Russian Olympic Committee 8:6
  • Italy – Denmark 10: 3

Session 10.

  • Canada – USA 7:6
  • Switzerland – South Korea 8:4
  • China-UK 8:4

Session 11.

  • South Korea – Denmark 8:7
  • Japan – USA 10:7
  • Russian Olympic Committee – Sweden 5:8
  • Canada – China 9:11 AM

Our Special Envoys – Tomáš Kalimba and Kamel Volnicki – talked about the highlights of the Olympics on the “Onet z Pekinu” podcast. The Poles woke up in China, but was it the result of the plan, or perhaps the lack of it? Where did our belief in success in games come from? The Poles also hid one thing.

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