Tales from the yurt, archery, horse competitions, children’s cartoons, a theatrical performance of Tatar puppets and weaving lessons, an evening concert – all this happened as part of the first Tatar cultural outing. An artistic and cultural event was held in Warsaw, where it presented the forgotten history of the Tatars. “There was no shortage of horse hoof percussion,” event organizers said.

The first Tatar cultural outing was held on Saturday, August 7, in the vicinity of the Słodowiec metro station, at the intersection of Sacharowa and Marymonckie Streets in Warsaw.

“Looking back, we can see the fate of the Tatars, whose ancestors settled in Poland, a great love for freedom, respect for nature and cultivation of their traditions” – we read in the description of the event on the website of the Pilani District Office.

Watch the exhibition(28 pics)

Watch the exhibition
(28 pics)

Warsaw. Tales of yurts, archery, and learning to weave…

Warsaw. Tatar culture walk. What is in the program?

The event program includes a Tatar yurt, children’s animation, and archery lessons offered by the AMM Archery Club. After that, the people of Warsaw had the opportunity to witness the theatrical performance of puppets by Aneta and Wojciech Pałęcki. There were also carpet weaving demonstrations.

At 6 p.m., the organizers planned a horse shooting show. At the end, Karolina Cicha & Spółka will perform a Tatar concert, which will take place at 19.00. It will be one of the few chances to meet He lives With this type of music, because the voices of the Tatars who came to Podlasie in the 15th century did not originally survive.

Warsaw.  The first Tatar cultural outing was held
Simon Starnowski

“Today no one knows what and how they played when they came to Poland. Carolina Shesha decided to revive this forgotten music. The search for album material lasted three years. It was a journey tracing the traces of Tatar traditions in Tatarstan and Crimea that are still alive to this day. To the east, in the ancient Asian steppe rock.The concert included bagpipes, goatskin, or oriental saz.

The event was organized by the Pilani County Office. Participation in the event was free.


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