There is a shift on Marszałkowska Street. There will be more green space, and new pedestrian crossings and bike paths will be built. Marsza iskowska is set to become a beautiful street worthy of the new center in Warsaw. It was ZDM that announced a tender for the detailed design.

The New Center in Warsaw is a program that aims to transform central Warsaw into a comfortable, accessible and green public space. The first traces of these works are already visible. Reconstruction was carried out by Al. Jana Pawła II, where a new bike path, even sidewalks, and rows of trees appeared. Pedestrians also have land crossings at the 40-year-old roundabout. Reconstruction of the so-called Five Horns Square at the intersection of ميلmilna, Krوتcha, and Zujudi Now is the time for Marszałkowska – says Rapai Trzaskovsky, mayor of the capital city Warsaw. From Warsaw.

The Municipal Roads Authority has just announced a tender for the detailed design of the changes to this street. It includes two parts: from pl. Konstytucji to the Mujahideen. Nowogrodzka and from the Mujahideen. Krolioska to Banque Square. Both will be designed based on the “Zielona Marszałkowska” concept developed by Greenery Council and consulted by residents. More green spaces should be introduced into the street space. It will appear, among other things, in the bar separating the road and the lane. The project will provide for the planting of trees (where possible), as well as shrubs and hedges on this site. The roads will have two lanes in each direction, and parking will be provided on the right lane.

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Facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

Marszałkowska Street will become more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. In both sections, the sidewalk will be reconstructed and separated from the bike path. Cyclists will have a road on both sides of the street (from Plac Konstytucji to the Dmowskiego roundabout, which is already undergoing reconstruction this year) and on the west side of the street until banking. There will be additional pedestrian crossings at Thawraia and Wilkza Streets. There’s also a new zebra reserve on the Saska axis. Tram stations will also be rebuilt, and traffic lights across the street will be given priority on public transport.

In addition, the project aims to provide unified rules for the locations of food gardens and areas where advertising is permitted. The sidewalks will be divided into functional areas – with a clear main walkway and an additional area designated, among other things, for gardens.

The designer selected in the bid will have one year to prepare a detailed executive design thanks to this, reconstruction can begin in 2022.

Marszałkowska is changing

Aside from this investment, other changes await Marszałkowska. In the spring and summer, the section along pl. A motorcade with a new, smooth sidewalk, bike path and roadside parking lane. We’ll plant new trees and shrubs there. Later this year, the Dmowskiego roundabout area will also be redeveloped, where new pedestrian crossings will be built (on the axis of Widok, Poznańska, Nowogrodzka and Parkingowa streets), allowing easy access to tram stations. There will also be bike tours.

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In the coming years, I would like Warsaw to go through a transformation similar to what happened in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam. All this so that the city, which until now was an ideal place to work, becomes an ideal place to live – summed up President Trzaskovsky.