Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, Teatr im. Stefan Syrumski in Kielce and Shania Noa in Krakow announce the call for projects for the third edition of the choreographic production program “Extending the Field” sponsored by Joanna Lenirowska.

Foot. food. stage

As part of the 2022 edition, two premieres are planned. The program is intended for Polish artists and choreographers (citizenship/permanent residency anywhere taken into account) who are able to document at least three previous original dance works.

The program is scheduled to be implemented and premiered in August and October 2022.

Projects selected for implementation will receive:

Production budget (dedicated to producers and producers fees, plus production costs, such as buying/renting/producing props, costumes, landscaping, borrowing equipment, creating custom promotional materials, accommodation, and transportation)

A total of PLN 80,000 – a show organized at the Nowy Teatr in Warsaw on a small stage

Total 70,000 PLN – performance at the S. eromski Theater in Kielce

– a three-week production stay in the “House of Utopia” in Krakow on a date agreed upon with the artists, and depending on the possibilities in the accommodation (as part of the accommodation we provide space to work, we cover the costs travel and accommodation for artists, artists and diet)

Maximum ten-day production stay at Nowy Teatr leading directly to the premiere of the performance (theater provides workspace, does not include travel and accommodation costs for artists / these costs can be included in the production budget)

A productive stay of up to ten days in Teatr im. Serumsky, who led directly to the premiere of the performance (the theater provides space to work, and does not include travel and accommodation costs for the artists / these costs can be included in the production budget)

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Necessary professional technical assistance and production support as well as pre-promotional coordination for the series.

Permanently produced performances can be included in the Nowy Teatr and Teatr im repertoire. S. Żeromski, in addition, it is possible to display the products produced during the Divine Comedy Festival in 2022.

The terms of further exploitation of the business will be the subject of a separate agreement with Nowy Teatr and Teatr im. s. Siromsky.

Program applications must include the following:

Performance concept (no more than 3 A4 pages) containing the planned list of producers, information about the budget and the stage for which the applicant is applying.

– Curriculum vitae with an art file showing the applicant’s achievements to date (with links to record of previous work).

Application deadline: February 13, 2022 to 23.59

On January 26, at 6.00 pm, there will be a meeting on Zoom with the curator of the programme, Joanna Lenerovska and Joanna Nowowska, to explain the terms of participation in the project and the production and subsequent operation of the performances produced under the programme.

All persons wishing to participate in the meeting are requested to obtain information by e-mail: [email protected]

Applications should be sent by email: [email protected]

Projects will be selected for implementation in two phases – on the basis of submitted applications and in the second phase, discussions with selected artists.

The panel will consist of representatives of the partner institutions, coordinator Joanna Lenerovska and independent experts – Marta Kell and Joanna Nokoska.

The Commission’s decision will be announced in early March 2022.

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