Jan 21 2022, 2:03 pm

Blizzard may not remember Warcraft III: Reforged, but fans still remember the unfulfilled promises. For example, InsaneMonster, which in the Re-Reforged mod adds missing novelties to the story campaign.


  1. Internet user InsaneMonster is working on a mod to update the story campaign Warcraft III: Reforged As Blizzard Entertainment originally promised;
  2. Warcraft III: Re-Reforged Adds cinematic footage in custscenkach, balancing tasks and introducing many improvements;
  3. For now, the introduction and first act of the campaign can be checked.

the last one confusion Around modern snow storm seizure study With Activision from Microsoft made it easy to forget about another problem ?? studies. Especially since it has apparently faded from the memory of even the creators?? But fortunately not the fans. talking about Warcraft III: Reforgedwhich finally received the first chapter of the renewed story campaign. It’s not only thanks to the update, but modwi.

A netizen known by the pseudonym InsaneMonster posted his work on Siruizi The Hive Workshop. The project is called Reshape 3 . cans And ?? How easy is it to guess?? This is supposed to be a revamp of the campaign the third WarcraftWhat fans were hoping for after the revised version was announced. This includes the update Views on the game engineAnd in a manner referring to Show From BlizzCon 2018, the gameplay revamped, including revised missions and the most important missions. events during the match.

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Moder also took a fantasy background for a workshop Warcraft ?? Finally, after years of development wow-a It’s much more detailed than it was two decades ago. Therefore, InsaneMonster adds details and interactions between characters not in the original “Three”, and based on information on Azeroth sourced from world of cans.

Warcraft 3: Reforged??  Reforged??  again;  Fan mods live up to Blizzard's promises - Illustration #1

Blizzard promised such sights years ago. ?? Source: ArsTechnica.

In addition, the creator balances the level of difficulty with artificial intelligence and adds a handful of secrets, beautifies the maps, etc. However, what is most interesting, InsaneMonster has added support for many languages, including Polish, including not only text translations of new dialogues, but also audio recordings. The whole thing is also to be compatible with all the graphic mods for Warcraft 3: Reforged, although the moderator reserves that it may translate into broken animations and other visual errors.

So far, the medium has released the preface and the first human chapter mentioned above from the story campaign: The Plague of Lordaron. The creator also made a reservation that although he dreams of revamping the entire campaign, it’s a huge undertaking and he can only promise that he won’t give up on chapters that have already started.. He also encouraged support for the initiative in Patrioni And join the modem’s work by Disagree.

Fans appreciate the broker’s achievements so far, but Reshape He also reminded them of Blizzard’s unfulfilled promises. From April 2021 Warcraft III: Reforged You have not received any new updates, and the last blog post about the game on the company’s official website was published in ?? August 2020. Meanwhile, the Snake who?? fresh?? Version W3 Several features are still missing, including support for player campaigns.

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Some players hope, however, that this will change with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. It’s not enough to have Phil Spencer from the Xbox division he promised Many old publisher brands are back, does Mike still beat him?? Blizzard?? confirmedThat the studio often wants to provide content and innovations that already exist? games. Hope to cover this Warcraft III: Reforged. For now, we just have to do it creations fans.

officially Warcraft III: Reforged I still don’t let you play your own campaigns, Edit Reshape It must be installed in one of two ways. The first is to unzip the mod files in the game’s maps folder in Documents (DocumentsWarcraft IIIMapsDownload folder), which will allow you to run each mission separately from your list of games (in the single-player section). The second way is to use the global editor: open the file with the selected campaign map and select the Test Map option.