Voyager 1 is a NASA probe that was launched into space nearly 45 years ago. The old ship is already here Beyond the traditional limits of the solar systemBut it still works and is a very valuable source of data. However, the machine begins to cause problems, which are considered by specialists.

Voyager 1 began sending out strange data that NASA is verifying. We know there is a violation Relationship with the Joint and Position Control System, or AACS. This element is responsible for keeping the bowl and antenna in the right direction. The system sends redundant telemetry data to the probe, causing a malfunction.

NASA is looking for a solution to these problems, but it will take some time. This is because the signal coming from Earth to Voyager 1 is now required close to today. Exactly 20 hours 33 minutes, which is related to the current distance of the probe from our planet.

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