We learned overnight that Netflix will be distributing new Sony Pictures animation. As much as the platform bought its rights, we have already gotten our first teaser.

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Some time ago, we were informed of the contract that Netflix had with Sony Pictures. According to her, all of the studio’s films will arrive on the platform from 2022 after the cinema is distributed. Among them there are plenty of potential hits from “Spider-Man Universe 2”, “Uncharted” or “Morbius” up front. The agreement relates to the United States and, as we wrote, does not have much impact on the situation in our country. As it turns out, it’s both entities that concluded that they love each other

Netflix will distribute Sony Pictures News. This Friday on the stage, after a short movie session, (with us too) “Mitchell Versus the Machines” will appear. As we learned last night, a similar fate will happen for Vivo.

Vivo – Animation preview

Sony had previously planned to hold the “Vivo” cinematic premiere on June 4, 2021. However, this will not happen, because Netflix has bought exclusive global distribution rights (excluding China) for the new animation. The production raises great emotions among the audience, because in “Vivo” we will hear the songs of Lynn Manuel Miranda, which Americans could watch and listen to some time ago in the famous musical film Disney Plus, or “Hamilton”. A teaser for the next title appears on the web:

Not only did Miranda write the songs, but she also voiced the main character. The plot shows the fate of the yellow Kinkage, who must travel from Havana to Miami to receive a piece from her master and mentor there. So prepare for a singing adventure that won’t just get the youngest viewers dance. It is not known only when we will be able to survive it. Netflix hasn’t revealed a release date yet.

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