US prosecutors say Alex Saab illegally amassed a fortune by dealing on behalf of the socialist government in Caracas, which has been heavily sanctioned by the US.

  • “US authorities have been watching Saab for years, believing they know many secrets of how Maduro, the president’s family and his most important aides got millions of dollars in government food and housing contracts while there is starvation in oil-rich Venezuela.” The Associated Press reported
  • The Colombian was arrested 16 months ago in Cape Verde on his way to Iran
  • After a year of legal struggle, on Saturday he boarded a plane chartered by the US Department of Justice to face the charges.
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Jorge Rodriguez, who headed the government delegation to negotiations with the opposition that began in Mexico in August, said his team would not participate in the next round of scheduled talks. However, he did not indicate a complete abandonment of them.

Standing in front of the giant slogan + Free Alex Saab +, Rodriguez described his arrest as an illegal “aggression” by the United States, which has been lobbying for years to remove Maduro from power.

as Maduro also added Washington condemned the “kidnapping” of the businessman. Saab’s defenders, including the authorities in Caracas and their allies Russia and Cuba, consider the arrest illegal. They insist that Saab, as a diplomatic envoy from the Venezuelan Saab government bound for Iran, is immune from prosecution in the performance of official duties.

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Maduro’s government objected to Saab’s accusation that it was a veiled attempt by Washington to change the regime. Marked AP.

Hours after the extradition, Venezuelan security forces arrested six US oil company chiefs who were under house arrest. A politically motivated issue.

The Palestinian Authority asserts that “it is unclear whether these men, who were sentenced to long prison terms in a corruption case that the United States said implied wrongdoing, were returned to prison.”

It is reported that when the so-called Six Citgo of the Houston branch, which is linked to the state-owned Venezuelan oil company, was lured to Caracas in 2017 for a meeting, the police arrested the Americans. They faced embezzlement charges.

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