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September 14, 2021, 2:05 pm

Iron Gate employees posted a 30-minute article discussing Valheim news with Hearth and Home Update. The developers stated in it that they hope that after the patch is published, players will start their adventures all over again.

in two days Walheim The first major update will arrive The hearth and the house. Therefore, the creators decided to publish a 30-minute material in which they discuss the upcoming news. The developers have admitted that they rely on The returnees will start the adventure again.

This statement is due to the fact that the game will contain new content related to one of the biomes of the plains. However, it will only be created in undiscovered areas, so people who have viewed the entire map won’t see any changes.

Beside that hearth and home It will adjust the diet. New dishes will be added. However, the connection between health and stamina points will disappear. From now on, these will be two separate parameters, which will be affected to a different extent by individual dishes. There will also be a strategic choice to vomit. Thanks to it, we will empty the stomachs of the Vikings and make room for other meals.

However, the last major changes will be complete rebalancing shield Available in the game. For example, the blows from a double ax will be faster than before.

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