Wadowice municipality has received a grant from the European Union for four municipal schools. Thanks to her, modern interactive educational equipment with a total value of more than 850,000 PLN were delivered to the institutions.

Edurobots, Lego blocks, anatomical models, globes, chess, board games, books, tablets, computers, multimedia boards and many, many other great educational aids were purchased for Elementary School No. 1 in Chocznia, Elementary School No. 1 in Wadowice And the Elementary schools in Klicha Dolna and Wysoka. These four institutions are participants in the project “Equal educational opportunities for primary school students from Wadowice municipality”It will be implemented until June 2022.

– All equipment was funded by an EU grant in the amount of 1.57 million Polish zlotysThat we can spend not only on purchases, but also on training and postgraduate studies for teachers and additional classes for students. We were also able to purchase 4 stair climbers as part of adapting the facilities to the needs of people with disabilities – multiplied The mayor of Wadowice, Bartosh Kalinsky.

In total, more 330 students I am 92 teachers. Additional activities for children included robotics, computer science, mathematics with programming elements, computer graphics, as well as chess, scientific experiments, English and others.

The teachers will be trained, among other things, in educational issues, work methodology, or special education, and as part of postgraduate studies, three of them will obtain additional qualifications in neurology, sensory integration, and the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders (such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome).

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The implemented project is another support of this kind obtained to modernize our schools. Four institutions, selected on the basis of a needs diagnosis, are participating in the current program.

Info and Photo: UMiG Wadowice