The era of BSI’s rule in the world of stealth games has just come to an end. Prior to the last two Grand Prix tournaments in Toruń, Discovery Sports Events – a new global highway promoter – presented its vision for the development of the sport over the next ten years.

In 2022, the top six competitors of the 2021 Grand Prix, Season 1 of Discovery Sports Events at the controls, five of them so-called wild cards: Leon Madsen (Denmark), Jason Doyle (Australia), Robert Lambert (Great Britain), And Anders Thomsen (Denmark) and Martin Vaculik (Slovakia), as well as three of the best highway racers in the Grand Prix Challenge: Bowie Przydbinski, Max Frick (Australia) and Patrick Dudek and Danish champion Danny Mikkel Michaelsen.

From 2022, the Grand Prix season will be longer, and will include 12 rounds played on two continents. In the end, the new promoter wants 15 of those rounds, and the fight for the motocross world champion has continued for nearly all year. The 20 qualifying, semi-final and final races will be held on Saturday evening, and training and qualification will take place on the same day in the afternoon.

Discovery Sports Events will bring together all international competitions under one umbrella. From 2022, all levels of competition will be unified under a common brand. It will include SGP (FIM Speedway Grand Prix), SGP2 (FIM U21 Speedway World Championship), SGP3 (FIM U16 World Speedway Championship) and the new international level SGP4.

The calendar will be supplemented with annual events – SON (FIM Speedway of Nations) and SWC (FIM Speedway World Cup) return for the first time since 2017. The Team World Cup will return in 2023 and take place in Toruń.

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We have complete confidence in this project. Jorge Vegas, president of the FIM, said Speedway has huge growth potential, both in terms of attracting new talented riders as well as reaching new markets outside of Europe.

– We are pleased that after 20 months of preparations we can begin our mission as a Highway Promoter – added François Ribeiro, President of Discovery Sports Events. – Speedway will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2023, but it’s also very modern and amazing. For the first time in history, the International Highway will have a single promoter at all levels, from beginners to professionals. In recent years, Dorna and FIM have been building the Moto 2 and Moto 3 as competitions to bring talent to MotoGP, so we will be bringing together the SGP2 and SGP3 championships under a common SGP umbrella. Thanks to this, we want to train the best players and give them prospects for development and promotion. Discovery Sports Events will leverage Discovery Sports’ global reach to grow its audience on the highway. Discovery+ will become the first choice of highway enthusiasts in international markets. We will also use Eurosport and Discovery channels and services in key markets such as Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany. Our ambition is to quadruple the highway and current global viewership of the SGP over the next three years.

The Steel Runners for the 2022 Grand Prix Tournament:

  • 1 – Artyom Agota (Russia),
  • 2 – Bartosz Szmarzlyk (Poland),
  • 3 – Emil Sajvotdino (Russia),
  • 4 – Maciej Janowski (Poland),
  • Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden),
  • 6 – Ty and Vinden (Great Britain),
  • 7 – Leon Madsen (Denmark),
  • 8 – Max Frick (Australia),
  • 9 – Jason Doyle (Australia),
  • 10 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain),
  • 11 – Anders Thomsen (Denmark),
  • 12 – Martin Vaculik (Slovakia),
  • 13 – Bäwe Przydepinski (Poland),
  • 14 – Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark),
  • 15 – Patrick Dudek (Poland).
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Final Ranking GP 2021 (after eleven tournaments):

  • 1. Agota – 192 points,
  • 2. Zmarzlik – 189 points,
  • 3 – Sajvutdino – 149 points,
  • 4- Lindgren – 129 points
  • 5- Janowski – 129 points,
  • 6. Wefinden – 122 points,

7. Madsen – 108 points, 8. Frick – 94 points, 9. Doyle – 87 points, 10. Lambert – 82 points, 11. Thomsen – 73 points, 12. Vaculik – 54 points, 13. Zagar – 45 points, 14 Cobra – 44 points, 15. Berntzon – 32 points, 16. Kasprzak – 28 points.

Achievements of Bartosz Zmerzlik in the Grand Prix Tournament:

  • 2016 – bronze,
  • 2017 – 5th place,
  • 2018 – silver,
  • 2019 – golden,
  • 2020 – gold,
  • 2021 – silver.