– Health Minister Adam Niedzelsky said on Friday during the conference – Vaccinations must be handled with the public good with special care and there is no approval of arbitrary decisions that lead to the feeling of a distinct group.

We will check how many vaccinations the doctors have. We will analyze whether people who have been vaccinated outside of the crew have been vaccinated for excessive use. If expectations are not met, I hope the Rector of Warsaw Medical University will draw consequences for those who have made such decisions – Niedzelsky emphasized.

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The minister added that such a penalty might be, for example, non-payment of money to vaccinators in contravention of sequencing rules.

This is the official comment of government representatives on reports that at the Warsaw Medical University headquarters they were to be vaccinated, among other things, former Prime Minister Leszek Miller and Christina Yanda. According to the approved procedures, only people from “0”, that is, doctors, should be vaccinated at this stage.


Niedzielski noted that some exceptions are possible if the vaccine is removed from the fridge and it will expire. If there is no person for whom the vaccine is intended, vaccinate, for example, a family member of a doctor or a patient in a hospital whose health condition allows the vaccination.

In turn, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhao Durkzyk, stated that approximately 200,000 zlotys would be spent on & nbsppondon. Doses of the vaccine for streptococcus hospitals. On the same day, another 300,000 series will be brought to Poland. Vaccines to be distributed by the Material Reserve Agency at a later date.