What happened at the bend will go down in history. It seemed that the Poles would twice take the lead, and it all ended with the fall of Maciej Janowski, thanks to which the British enjoyed the gold medal.

– One arc was selected, where two of our players met at the wrong place and time. Sawena says they both want the fastest route. – Zimmerslik could have walked differently, that is, all the way at the pier, because Lambert, who was following him, did not plan to drive outside. If I were to point out anyone who could drive the most with team sense, and thus anticipate the matches of this second arc, if he knew he was leading the race, it would be the Gorzów player – as he asserts.

The expert doesn’t beat the bush and accuses Zimmerzlik of taking steam-driven style decisively. – It is a pity that Zmerzlik did not wait for his friend. Janowski didn’t make any mistakes, because he was driving what he was in the second turn, because there was just speed – he kept going.

Zmerzlik should only think of his friend and know where he might be. Bartik still goes individually. He had nothing Tomasz Gollob to do, he pushed Tomic himself where it was possible, but did not bother his companion of the couple. So, this Golub phenomenon is evident when it comes to winning these most important awards to the team,” compare Sawina.

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Somehow, our interlocutor returned to the recent events in Toruń, where Zmarzlik lost the battle for the gold medal with Artiom Łaguta. – It seems that Zmarzlik did not have enough space to think of Janowski. He could also go down to the situation with Artiom Łaguta and lose the battle for gold at the Grand Prix. After the recent events in Toru, Zmarzlik may have lost his confidence and advantage over others, hence his lack of looking to the right, which is what happens at the entrance to the second arch.

The expert also emphasizes how challenging the track can be in Manchester, with plenty of trails to drive on. – It’s very hard to get on that path. It was very difficult to drive the entire bow with the tire sticking to the surface. I think it was a very difficult task, but the communication on our team was mediocre, because they can’t have both going down the same path – Robert Sauena ends.