The new Mac mini has been around with the M1 chip for some time, and while the device is amazing with its incredible performance, it also causes problems for some users. More specifically, there are users who are complaining about Bluetooth connectivity issues with the new M1 Mac mini.

YouTuber Patrick Tomasso is one of those users who is having trouble using Bluetooth accessories with their new Mac mini. As it describes in prof Video on his channelThen, using a Bluetooth mouse on the M1 Mac mini is nearly impossible as connection is lost all the time.

According to Tommaso, he has already tried the Mac mini with the Logitech MX Master 3 and Magic Mouse 2, but “they all break off intermittently” during use. He also encountered Bluetooth connectivity issues when pairing the AirPods Pro and other wireless accessories with his Mac.

There are also other users who have similar complaints on Reddit. According to a report shared there, the M1 Mac mini doesn’t recognize a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at all, which makes the device unusable.

I am using Logitech Mx keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse. On first boot, it will not recognize my keyboard or mouse as available for pairing via bluetooth. You resorted to a wired keyboard and mouse to complete the setup. Then I managed to pair the two together, and they both work great. However, any time I restart the device, I cannot log in because the keyboard and mouse are not connected.

The reasons behind these connection problems are unknown as this could be a software bug or a hardware malfunction. Apple has not yet recognized the problem and unfortunately there are no known solutions for this besides using a third-party Bluetooth receiver.

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Affected by similar issues on the M1 Mac? Do let us know in the comments below.

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