Will Poland’s security level increase in the international arena with its accession to the eurozone? The experts invited to Wirtualna Polska’s geopolitical debate did not agree on this. Wojciek Konochuk of the Center for Oriental Studies noted that while the adoption of the euro by other smaller EU countries could have worked in their favour, the situation with Poland looks a bit different. – Poland is in a slightly different place, and also because our economy is immeasurably larger, and in the era of various turmoil in the European or global economy, our currency is the tool that allows us to conduct economic policy more effectively – he said. a. Kazimierz Pułaski’s Kazimierz Pułaski reports, however, that entering the eurozone may not increase Poland’s security vis-à-vis Russia, but it will certainly enhance our standing in the EU. – She said that the loss of a member state of the eurozone is immeasurably more painful for the entire European economy than the loss of Great Britain, which was not in the eurozone. As she pointed out, support for the Poles to join the eurozone is also increasing. Currently, it is already about 50%, and a few years ago it was just over 20%.

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