Correspondence provided by the commission shows that after the last chief justice, William Barr – who publicly admitted that there was no evidence of significant electoral fraud – Trump repeatedly called on his successor, Rosen, and his associates to intensify efforts to find fraud and even annul the election results in states Main.

The emails – sent by his employees, but marked “from the boss”, included links to alleged evidence of fraud, although previously refuted by experts. It was, among other things, about theories about alleged fraud by voting machines as well as by Italian satellites.

In an email on December 29, Trump sent Rosen a ready-made motion to the Supreme Court, demanding that electoral votes for six major states be voided and a second election be held there (although the Constitution does not provide for such a possibility).

Rosen testified before the committee that he resisted the actions of the White House. In one of the leaked emails, Rosen’s deputy, Rich Donoghue, called the president’s demands “pure insanity.”

The leaked news is one of several that document the White House’s efforts to reverse the election results. Previously, ia telephone recordings of Trump’s conversations with the Secretary of State of Georgia tasked with organizing elections to prevent him from approving election results in that state.

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