A wave of worker anger is spreading across the country. They have a new power that has emerged with the historical shortage of labour. (…]From Hollywood studios to factories, downtime could threaten economic recovery America On Saturday, Axios indicated that it was already suffering from a shortage of goods.

He noted that thousands of John Deere employees began striking this week after the union rejected a proposal for a new work contract with the farm machinery and equipment maker.

“Never has the situation been as favorable as it is now. (…) The company is making such profits, and we are fighting for the crumbs ”- quoting an employee of this factory in Otha, Iowa, Chris Lorsen, “The New York Times”.

Axios noted that the union, which represents 60,000 people, is threatening to strike from Monday. Hollywood workers Film crews across the country. He puts pressure on the college to offer better working conditions and higher wages.

“This will bring film and television production to a halt across the country and will be the biggest labor dispute in Hollywood in over a decade,” predicted the Los Angeles Times.

Axios points out that for the first time in nearly 50 years, production of Kellogg’s beans has ceased across America. 1,400 employees have left their jobs in search of better benefits, jeopardizing the display of this commodity on store shelves.

“Employees are tired of the fact that great times for employers do not translate into better wages, benefits and working conditions,” the portal noted.

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He cited Daniel Osborne, a planner at the Kellogg factory in Omaha, Nebraska, who argues that Kellogg is making record profits but management is only profiting from it.

“Osborne is the local president of the national federation behind the multi-week trade union strike in Nabisco factories. Axios explained that it ended after the company agreed to ask workers to keep their health plans intact.

At the same time, he emphasized that some employers do not want to be the first to submit to the demands. He saw this as a stalemate that encouraged strikes.

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