The Piast Institute has published an updated edition of the volume “American Poles Today”. The book shows the demographic, social, economic and political features of American Bologna. It’s also available online.

The second issue of the Piast Institute’s Polish Americans Today in Hamtramck, Michigan, follows a 2020 study led by Executive Director Virginia Skriniars and Dominic Stekota of Colorado State University (CSU).

“This updated version is a comprehensive overview of the Polish community to date. Information and answers on attitudes and trends of the Polish diaspora “- explain the representatives of the institute.

As they add, the 80-page volume contains basic insights about the Polish diaspora, beyond basic demographic data. It also describes the common values ​​and experiences of the Polish diaspora.

“There is not a lot of reliable data about the Polish diaspora in the United States, aside from census statistics that focus on demographic data. (…) Our nationwide survey of nearly 1,800 Polish Americans is the best source of information about our society. : Who we are and what we believe in, how closely we are related to Poland. We answer all these questions in the book “- emphasizes the author” Dr. Stekwa.

The new publication is an update of “Polish Americans Today” from 2010, based on a large nationwide survey of the Polish diaspora. The co-authors are the PIAST Institute co-founder, Dr. Tadeusz Radziovsky, and Stekoa, who has updated the new edition.

“Polish Americans Today” published in 2021 is available on the Institute’s website in the “Store” tab. The 2020 Study of Polish Society on which it was based is the fourth comprehensive study conducted by the Hamtramck Foundation since its inception in 2003.

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The Piast Institute presents itself as a research center dealing with Polish and American Poland, and one of the two Census Information Centers (CIC) in Michigan. The Institute organizes conferences, symposia, publications, public programmes, lectures and exhibitions on Poland, Poles and American Bologna.

Andrei Dobroolsky from New York