They killed them instead of capturing them. If these reports are confirmed, we will deal with a violation of the fundamental principles of the Law of Armed Conflict. It is prohibited to execute soldiers and civilians who voluntarily refrain from fighting or are unable to fight.” – The US diplomat confirmed during the UN Security Council meeting the Arria formula devoted to crimes Ukraine.

Russian atrocities

These reports indicate that Russian atrocities It is not only the result of dishonest actions by individual individuals or formations, but also reveals a very disturbing pattern of systematic violations in all areas in which the Kremlin forces are involved. Ukraine Van Schack added.

A representative of the US Department of Diplomacy announced that all persons guilty of crimes against the Ukrainian civilian population will be brought to justice.

Investigations into Russian crimes

“We are willing to assist national courts around the world if they do so Investigations into Russian crimes. We will also support proceedings before the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights – announced the ambassador.

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